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New York collections 1984

NewYork 1984

" I remember...
my first contact with brush and paints... 
the gift was there...
I just started painting...the rest is history... "



Averart | Averkios Surrealism Old collection

New York. My first Paintings!

1984 New York City.
It was a chilly winter when I had to stay at home in my tiny room, where I was just learning about a gift that I was really unaware was there.
Then adventure began with lots of surprises!

Averart | Averkios Surrealism New collection

A New  Beginning...Regeneration

Right after I came back from New York in 1985, many negative events took place, that where a preparation for my life to become ready for an unexpected heavenly visitation...
Regeneration follows with a New life style with begins...
New songs...new paintings!

Averart | Averkios Portraits

Portraits - Part of our life

As I was a little kid, while watching and admiring my dad,
( Costas Averkiou ) , drawing and painting portraits of great & significant personalities of Cyprus.
it was impossible for me not to be influenced from such a great artist...

Averart Digital Art - Prints

Decorative Art - Limited Edition Prints

A new discovery is in the era of art.
A great collection of POP-ART modern designs that are produced in Limited Edition Prints. It's a decorative contemporary art that meets every demand in our home or business!


Classic Surrealism 

A rare collection of  Averkios Classic Surrealism
including the New York Paintings


Every portrait is unique, that marks the path of life..

Averkios Art / PORTRAITS

History creation

A portrait of our child or of our parents, is a gift that remains and writes a history. A good portrait will add the proper and necessary value for the next generations in the family tree

Averkios Art / PORTRAITS

Portraits to create value

If you are interested to make your own one, or a member of your family, please send us your best photo, here



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